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the asylum

'cause, you know, we're all crazy. but the boys are pretty

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look neither forward nor back
jeremy renner

we're my happy story

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Welcome to ...
t h e a s y l u m

hestia, 24, german, sometimes living in the uk, tv addict, uni graduate, orphan, positive, romantic, cancer, looking, missing, amazed at life, doesn't bite, currently deeply in fangirl with jeremy renner and the avengers

jeremy renner; marvel cinematic universe, clint/darcy & clint/phil (sometimes clintasha); castle, nathan fillion, sherock (bbc), misfits, firefly, grey's anatomy, homeland, himym, supernatural

roleplaying, graphic design, video editing, event management, forum moderation, english

I'm Still Free
you can't take the sky from me

alice/hatter, andrew-lee potts, artemis fowl, arthur pendragon, arthur/gwen, barney stinson, barney/robin, bbc, bob andrews, books, bora dagtekin, bradley james, britannia high, btvs, buffy/spike, caskett, castle, castle/beckett, cem/lena, chandler and monica, chandler bing, clint barton, clint/darcy, clint/natasha, clint/phil, connor temple, connor/abby, damon salvatore, damon/elena, daniel craig, darcy lewis, dark angel, dean winchester, die drei ???, die drei fragezeichen, doctor horrible's sing-along blog, doctor who, doctor's diary, doctor/rose, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, fan fiction, fantasy, felicitas woll, firefly, florian david fitz, friends, fussball, gene/alex, george/luna, gilmore girls, graphic design, great britain, gwaine, harry potter, himym, ian somerhalder, iwan rheon, jake gyllenhaal, james bond, james mcavoy, jan-josef liefers, jensen ackles, jeremy renner, john simm, joshua jackson, justus jonas, life on mars, lolle, lorelai gilmore, luke danes, luke/lorelai, malcolm reynolds, matt albie, matt/harriet, matthew perry, matthias schloo, matthias schweighöfer, merlin, michael mittermeier, michael scofield, michael/alex, michael/maria, michael/sara, misfits, mondler, natasha romanoff, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, nph, pacey witter, paul mccartney, peter bishop, peter shaw, phil coulson, philip glenister, prison break, reading, remus lupin, remus/tonks, robin hood, robin/marian, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rory williams, rose tyler, rose weasley, rupert grint, sam/annie, scorpius malfoy, scorpius/rose, scotland, scottish actors, simon/alisha, skins, slytherin, smut, spike, star trek, studio 60, supernatural, syfy's alice, tatort, ten/rose, tenth doctor, ten², terry goodkind, the avengers, the beatles, the hunger games, the sword of truth, the vampire diaries, torchwood, türkisch für anfänger, veronica mars, wentworth miller, writing